I know it's ugly, but that's what you are dealing with!

I know it's ugly, but that's what you are dealing with!

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

DiVosta Homes Marketing

Director of Marketing - DiVosta spokesperson.
- Provided marketing and PR for 1,500 homes sales per year.
- Re-branded DiVosta Homes. Brand awareness 86%.
- Built in-house Marketing-PR Department. Saved $2 million first year, additional $3 million second year.
- Built first DiVosta website.
- Introduced Search Engine Optimization and Web/E-Commerce marketing.

Re-branded DiVosta Homes. Results = 86% Brand Awareness and new "fit" with Pulte Homes family.

VillageWalk at Lake Nona Website
Created microsites to have a community based website as part of the mix, include rich media ,and fewer clicks to content, downloadable brochures, and registration.

Anatomy of a DiVosta Home Radio Spot
I used a child VO a lot because it gets attention, it's easy to make an emotional appeal that connects with homebuyers, and the natural humor delivers the message without SCREAMING LIKE A CAR RADIO COMMERCIAL. Results = When I wore my DiVosta logo shirts around town, people would stop me all the time and sing the DiVosta Built-Solid jingle to me. It helped deliver the 86% brand awareness in the market. That's market influence.

JD Power #1 Award 6 years in a row! Commercial from year #2.
Objectives for the spot:
1) Announce JD Power Award and introduce new DiVosta brand.
2) Let our employees know we appreciated their effort to satisfy customers.
3) Thank our customers for voting us #1.
Results = Let me know... do you think we achieved the objective?

Outdoor Signage Billboards
I purchased hundreds of billboards in the state of Florida and created a new signage standard for Pulte in Florida. Results = Consistent, recognizable brand boards and more traffic at our sales centers.

Magazine and Newspaper Avertising
This was part of my hurricane campaign for Built-Solid homes by DiVosta. Our traffic went up, compared to other builders, every year during hurricane season. These ads helped deliver the brand proof points that make DiVosta a powerhouse and "hero" in the market. Consumers think of DiVosta Homes as a miniature shelter right before a hurricane. They all try to go stay with a DiVosta homeowner during a storm. You can’t have better brand action than that.

DiVosta Homes Lifestyle at Abacoa

Customer testimonials on what it's like to live in a DiVosta Home in Abacoa.


Look closely at her eye. I put the logo in it.

Sometimes you just have to pump up the troops and customers! This got them going...

What is Design?

Consumer satisfaction and product success depends on creating a customer environment that meets what they want in every way. That means integrated design in marketing, PR, brand, product, manufacturing, sales, service - all working together.

A customer has to get access, see it, feel it, trust it. The environment you create has to engage the senses and it has to be integrated and pervasive to make it easy for them. That will make them interested enough to buy.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Heroes and Leaders

Motorola spot to show the purpose of the business and government division

A couple of years before the attack on 9/11, I produced a spot that was the essence of what this sector did for the marketplace.

Marketing Communications Mgr./Writer-Producer: R. Michael Brown

- Project: Business and Government Brand Video

- Campaign Message: We help teammates work together, no matter where they are, no matter what information they need.

- Shown at sales presentations, customer briefing centers, employee town halls, Motorola Museum, and civic group and government meetings.

Results: A standing ovation everywhere it played. Increased brand equity for the division.

IDEA1999 Since the beginning of time....

Motorola designed the i1000 for the Nextel network and, at the time, revolutionized wireless communication. In 1999, I produced a submission video to show to Business Week’s IDEA judges. It helped the i1000 win Product of the Decade from Business Week.

Marketing Communications Mgr./Producer: R. Michael Brown

- Project: Public Relations Campaign Comedy

- Campaign Message: Primary: "From the beginning of time, man felt the need to communicate.”

Connect and Conserve

Motorola and the World Wildlife Fund in the Galapagos Islands

Motorola donated $1,000,000 in communication equipment to the WWF. This is part of a series of news features I wrote and produced while at Motorola to show how people are using technology to help the WWF "Save the Planet." The series and PR campaign won the WWF Presidents award.

Marketing Communications Mgr./Producer: R. Michael Brown

- Project: Public Relations Campaign Series

- Campaign Message:
  • Primary: "Our products work in the toughest and most remote conditions in the Universe"
  • Secondary: "Good corporate citizenship"

- Campaign Components:

  • Video News Release in English and Spanish (Shot in Both)
  • Personal Pitch from Producer to Discovery Channel
  • Series Website
  • Series Laptop Presentation
  • Posters for Trade Shows
  • Printed Press Release
  • Email Blast to Opt-In WWF and Motorola Database
  • Series Brochure with Fact Sheets
  • Employee Material for Good Corporate Citizenship Message


- Increased brand equity for Motorola and WWF.

- This segment aired multiple times on Discovery Channel around the world.

- Won WWF President Award. Shown at CEO/President contributor banquet in Paris to Fortune 500 leaders that participate in WWF.

- Used to open sales presentations to show reliability, teamwork, and good corporate citizenship to very positive responses from the audience. Used by customers to show management team that Motorola products work anywhere.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Introducing Market Influence

Market Influence is a blog to present and discuss marketing and PR case studies of my work and what the results were.

Ultimately I'm interested in the latest techniques for thought leadership, influence, and persuasion for B2C, B2B, and B2Govt.

How did you change the buyers:
· Behavior?
· Image of a company, product, or service?
· Buying habits?
· Reaction to a brand?
· …………more?

Contact me and let me know: RMikeBrown@gmail.com