I know it's ugly, but that's what you are dealing with!

I know it's ugly, but that's what you are dealing with!

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Connect and Conserve

Motorola and the World Wildlife Fund in the Galapagos Islands

Motorola donated $1,000,000 in communication equipment to the WWF. This is part of a series of news features I wrote and produced while at Motorola to show how people are using technology to help the WWF "Save the Planet." The series and PR campaign won the WWF Presidents award.

Marketing Communications Mgr./Producer: R. Michael Brown

- Project: Public Relations Campaign Series

- Campaign Message:
  • Primary: "Our products work in the toughest and most remote conditions in the Universe"
  • Secondary: "Good corporate citizenship"

- Campaign Components:

  • Video News Release in English and Spanish (Shot in Both)
  • Personal Pitch from Producer to Discovery Channel
  • Series Website
  • Series Laptop Presentation
  • Posters for Trade Shows
  • Printed Press Release
  • Email Blast to Opt-In WWF and Motorola Database
  • Series Brochure with Fact Sheets
  • Employee Material for Good Corporate Citizenship Message


- Increased brand equity for Motorola and WWF.

- This segment aired multiple times on Discovery Channel around the world.

- Won WWF President Award. Shown at CEO/President contributor banquet in Paris to Fortune 500 leaders that participate in WWF.

- Used to open sales presentations to show reliability, teamwork, and good corporate citizenship to very positive responses from the audience. Used by customers to show management team that Motorola products work anywhere.

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